Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Review of the new Transporter

Tech site "The Register" has posted a quick review and internal pics of the new Transporter. The review is pretty light, but there is positive information regarding the quality of the components and features. While the internal guts look adequate, the positive thing seems to be that there is room for modding and upgrading parts.


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Blogger Dave Green said...

Yes, lots of differences. The main one has to do with the way the Soundbridge processes files. I can't explain key tech things, but the magazines which have reviewed it have found high digital jitter levels, and some problems with the way the Soundbridge converts digital to analog. It works, just doesn't measure and sound as well as the Squeezebox. If you are used to IPOD like compressed quality, you wouldn't hear the difference, but if you like higher fidelity, you'll hear it right away.

5:49 PM  
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