Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back after long break

It's been a few years since I first started this blog, and my system has changed substantially. The VAC Avatar SE was replaced by a pair of Airtight ATM3 monoblock amps, with an Aesthetix Calypso preamp. Speakers are the Merlin TSM Mme and the REL Strata III.

Digital is still the Squeezebox, heavily modded by Bolder, feeding a TriVista 21 DAC. I've been tempted to try out something new, perhaps one of the Ayre or Wavelength USB DAC's, but really, the SB3/TruVista sounds just great, I don't really see the basis for upgrading. Plus, I am not listening to the system as much as I did previously, making any upgrade a lower priority.

A note to those using Squeezeserver. I upgraded to v.7.5.2 today and spent the better part of several hours trying to understand why the SB3 kept rebuffering. After several tries suggested at the Logitech forum, I followed the advice of an Audiocircle user and deleted 7.5, and reinstalled 7.2. Problem solved, the system is back to its former stable self.

Since this Blog, Logitech has acquired Slim Devices and introduced a range of new devices, including the Touch and Duet, which can still be modded by Boldercable to sound better. They have also discontinued the Transporter. I compared one and still preferred the modded SB3 into the Trivista.